World’s largest mega-yachts fitted with ACO Marine’s wastewater treatment solutions

World’s largest mega-yachts now fitted with ACO Marine’s Maripur wastewater treatment units

 The largest mega-yachts launched over the past three years together with a significant number of soon-to-be-delivered luxury leviathans all feature ACO Marine’s new Maripur NF advanced wastewater treatment system.

ACO Marine Managing Director Mark Beavis said: “We now have treatment systems onboard the three of the world’s five largest mega-yachts, cementing our position as the leading supplier of advanced wastewater management solutions to the mega- and super-yacht sectors. Last year was a milestone year in orders for mega-yachts and we believe this year will see the sector enjoy continued growth.”

Scheduled for supply to various mega- and super-yacht builders this year, ACO Marine will deliver a range of Maripur NF-150s, Maripur NF-200s and Maripur 150 2-in-1 systems for installation aboard mega-yachts between 100m and 180m in length. Dual Maripur NF-150 2-in-1 units were supplied last year for installation to a luxury mega-yacht currently under construction in Europe.

In 2013, ACO Marine designed the complete wastewater management system for the world’s largest mega-yacht. The configuration comprised a Maripur NF-150 2-in-1 unit, a black water vacuum system, grey water transfer system and collecting tank aeration unit.

The Maripur system forms the basis of an advanced wastewater management solution, which consists of a transfer system, collection tank aeration system, galley water grease separation unit, wastewater treatment membrane bioreactor and ACO Marine’s proprietary RM3 water management control and monitoring system.

The Maripur NF 2-in-1 configuration has been designed to treat high wastewater volumes with full redundancy in considerably smaller footprints than other treatment plant on the market. The 2-in-1 variant is capable of operating at variable manning levels using the innovative dual load set mode. This eliminates the requirement for dual smaller membrane reactor units during step changes in passenger loading.

ACO Marine will be exhibiting its bespoke water management solutions next month at the Singapore Yacht Show, which takes between 7th and 10th April, and at the Palma Superyacht Show, in Majorca, Spain, between the 30th April and 2nd May.

In addition to providing further details about ACO Marine technologies, Beavis will be available to explain the design, build and operational considerations relating to the stringent MEPC 227(64) regulation, including Section 4.2, which governs PYC vessel operations in IMO MEPC 200.62 Special Areas.


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