Survitec, the global Survival Technology solutions provider, has become one of the first maritime safety companies to achieve ISO 23678:2022 1-4 certification. This important standard was introduced in 2022 to establish the uniform and consistent training of personnel involved in lifeboat inspection, taking into account the mandatory requirements of resolution MSC.402(96).

Achieving ISO 23678 certification was also a key factor in Survitec receiving renewed approval for the maintenance, inspection, and testing of lifeboats on vessels operating under Lloyd’s Register (LR) classification.

Matt Macfarlane, Head of Service Operations at Survitec, said: “By adhering to the stringent principles incorporated into the ISO 23678 standard, we have significantly broadened our scope of certification, enabling qualified and certified technicians to inspect, maintain and test an increasingly extensive range of equipment supplied by an array of different manufacturers.

“Survitec’s achievement ensures customers receive a top-tier service backed by rigorous standards and a commitment to multi-brand service excellence with unmatched authorisations and accreditations from over 70 flag States.”

Survitec’s Marine Training Academy (MTA) successfully received certification to the new ISO training standard. Simultaneously, the company also developed a new internal, dynamic database tool to facilitate technician competence tracking, ensure compliance with certification requirements, and aligning with audit standards.

“We are delighted to have received this certification as ISO 23678 delivers greater assurance to classification surveyors and flag States and reinforces our commitment to delivering a high-quality service to all our customers,” said Paul Watkins, Survitec’s Regulatory & Compliance Manager.

ISO 23678 has streamlined the requirements and standardised certification training to ensure all technicians are competent, certified, and qualified by an authorised body.

Macfarlane added: “The ISO standard has the potential to significantly improve maritime safety globally through the standardised certification of service technicians to ensure all technicians are competent, certified, and qualified by an authorised body.

“As the largest company to achieve this standard, we see great benefit to the industry, and we call on regulators to adopt it to significantly enhance safety standards.”

About Survitec

Survitec is a global Survival Technology leader to the maritime, defence & government, aerospace and energy sectors. Survitec has over 3,000 employees worldwide, covering 11 manufacturing facilities and over 400 service centres. They operate in over 2,000 ports, spanning 96 countries. Survitec are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of liferaft, Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and offshore rental PPE. They are a leading supplier of fire solutions to the maritime industry and hold a market leading position for Pilot Flight Equipment in the aerospace & defence market. The Survitec team live by their purpose “We Exist to Protect Lives”. Throughout its 168-year history, Survitec has remained at the forefront of innovation, design and application engineering and is the trusted name when it comes to critical safety and survival solutions.