Stellium and Voyager Portal have announced a first of its kind partnership to bring its fully integrated SAP TM (transportation management) and commodity shipping operations platform to the maritime sector.

Until now, transportation management solutions have struggled to handle the nuances and complexities of global bulk and tanker shipping. Typically, TM has focused on helping businesses manage road, rail, and container freight operations.

“Shipping dry and wet commodity cargoes is a highly complex and fragmented business. Over 90% of ships crossing the ocean will transport bulk commodities such as crude oil, gas, petrochemicals, agricultural products, heavy equipment, and minerals. Given the complexity and variability of each shipment, operations teams often work exclusively with email and XLS for tracking, planning and execution activities,” says Matthew Costello, CEO of Voyager Portal.

Voyager Portal helps bulk shipping teams digitally manage their operations with external parties in a shared collaborative environment. Its low-code workflow technology provides users with the flexibility to design and execute unique processes, then surface the data for Exceptions Based Management and reporting.

The platform allows teams to manage hundreds of common operational workflows, such as vessel nominations, survey appointments, terminal clearances, ETA tracking, demurrage and cargo claims.

Working closely with its global customer base of manufacturers, Stellium identified a need in the market for a digitally integrated solution. One that would help its customers capture their entire transportation value chain from bulk inbound raw materials, through to outbound finished goods, within a single solution, regardless of mode.

“Our team has extensive first-hand experience implementing SAP TM for our customers. Through our many business consulting and system integration engagements we have become acutely aware of both the importance of bulk shipping to our customers, and also the inherent risks that exist with this unique mode.

“With Voyager and SAP TM, our customers’ planning, production and sales teams can have a true end-to-end picture of their transportation operations in one place,” notes Randeep Nambiar, CEO of Stellium.

“What attracted us to Stellium as a partner was not just their deep domain expertise around SAP, but their extensive reach and global reputation. The Middle East and APAC/India regions are one of the largest importers and exporters of bulk commodities in the world, so we look forward to accelerating growth off the back of the partnership,” says Costello.


“What attracted us to Stellium as a partner was not just their deep domain expertise around SAP, but their extensive reach and global reputation,” said Matthew Costello, CEO of Voyager Portal

Voyager Portal is a  user-friendly platform allowing end users to unlock data trapped in manual processes to provide cost-savings and shipping insights

“With Voyager and SAP TM, our customers can have a true end-to-end picture of their transportation operations in one place,” said Randeep Nambiar, CEO of Stellium.

About Voyager

Voyager Portal is an operations management platform for bulk commodity shipping. The SaaS application allows Voyager customers to collaboratively manage their operations with internal and external stakeholders in a unified environment. By streamlining operations and data flows across organizations Voyager is able to help teams manage through exception, automate manual processes and deliver real-time insights. The platform is built on a proprietary low-code workflow application making it the most flexible solution for bulk commodity shipping on the market. With Voyager, customers can manage the entire lifecycle of their operations including pre/post fixture and demurrage. Voyager Portal is backed by leading venture capital funds and counts fortune 50 companies as customers.

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About Stellium Inc

Stellium is a specialized management consulting firm committed to designing and delivering solutions that improve businesses worldwide. Stellium Inc. is headquartered in Houston, USA and its regional head office resides in Bangalore, India and Toronto, Canada. Stellium has a geographic presence in North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East region. With a focus on consulting and system integration services, Stellium helps its clients define measurable business benefits that are achieved using a team of client-focused consultants. Combined with a passion for excellence, in-depth knowledge, and a wealth of experience, Stellium delivers transformational change in the industries of tomorrow.

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