BIO-UV Group, a French water treatment specialist, is playing a key role in the United Kingdom’s booming aquaculture sector and is set for another boost this year, thanks to a series of major orders already secured by its Scotland-based company Triogen®.

With a worldwide portfolio of customers, the fast-growing success story of this brand and its proprietary disinfection technology in the aquaculture sector is based on 35 years of expertise in both ultraviolet (UV) and Ozone water treatment solutions, together with strong after-sales service and support.

Aquaculture is transforming the global seafood industry – and is expanding particularly rapidly in the UK. In March, for instance, the UK’s HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) announced that Scottish salmon was the UK’s most valuable food export in 2023, and Scottish salmon is also the UK’s top seafood choice.

For instance, cold and clear waters, such as those in the Scottish Highlands, are producing more than 170,000 tonnes a year of salmon across more than 200 farms.

In an extensive scope of supply, Triogen® by BIO-UV Group has delivered 16 ozone units including one of the company’s new PPO3 ozone generators to Scottish salmon farms this year, all manufactured at the Triogen® facility in East Kilbride, near Glasgow. This order follows on from the performance success of the Triogen ozone generation units installed at fish farms over the past decade.

“We continue to deliver to operators in the UK aquaculture sector and contribute significantly to the health and well-being of fish and humans alike,” said Simon Marshall, deputy General Manager of BIO-UV Group and Managing Director of Triogen®.

“Thanks to our proactive approach and strong customer service, we have had the opportunity to work with numerous fish farms in the UK, supplying new equipment and providing emergency support. At the end of 2023, BIO-UV Group was called in following a breakdown of water treatment equipment. We were able to respond quickly and within 48 hours delivered and commissioned a device that enabled the owner to save their production.”

“The UK market has been defined as one of the most dynamic countries in the world for aquaculture,” said Marshall. “To support our local activities, we have set up a sales team in direct contact with local operators, system integrators, and fish farms. Our responsiveness, customer service, proximity, and the quality of our products, have enabled us to achieve substantial commercial successes.”

In 2019, BIO-UV Group acquired Triogen® from SUEZ, benefiting from 35 years of experience in water treatment and disinfection using ozone and UV, and a strong brand recognition in the UK market. [ENDS]

About BIO-UV Group

For more than 35 years, BIO-UV Group has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing water treatment systems using ultraviolet radiation (UV-C), ozone, AOP, and salt electrolysis for various applications including swimming pools, aquaculture, aquariums, industrial process water, wastewater and drinking water. In 2011, it added ships’ ballast water treatment to its range. The company’s products are manufactured in its specialized production sites in Lunel and Muret, France, as well as in Glasgow, Great Britain, allowing it to respond quickly to the specific requirements of its customers worldwide. The company, listed on the stock exchange since July 2018, has a consolidated turnover of 43,1 million euros in 2023 and a current workforce of 160 employees. More than 50% of the group’s sales are exported.