A new video highlighting how improved technology can be used to help the global shipping industry meet its ocean sustainability targets has been produced by Canada’s Thordon Bearings.

The short video aims to encourage the shipping industry to adopt, ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’ – the IMO’s World Maritime theme for 2022 – as a way of addressing wide reaching concerns over the sector’s environmental footprint.

Focusing on SDG#14 – Life Below Water and eliminating ship source pollution – one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – the short video helps the industry better understand why “there is no place for the oil lubricated propeller shaft in the 21st century.”

Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings’ newly appointed VP Business Development, says: “There is no doubt that flag states and governing bodies are piling pressure on ship owners to invest in technology that prevents all forms of pollution. Regulations are becoming stricter and equipment more expensive, but there are proven, less costly, zero emission alternatives available.”

Carter, who in his new role will be working with ship owners, environmental agencies and consortiums to ensure ‘green ship’ designs include a specification for seawater lubricated shaft lines, emphasises “a green, zero-emission ship must relate to pollution both above and below the waterline.

“We are strongly opposed to the maritime industry’s continued use of an oil lubricated propeller shaft system and believe the elimination of oil emissions forever from a ships propeller shaft is possible today, ensuring that no damage to the environment can be attributed to the propeller shaft system. Anything less is contrary to the ethos behind the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG#14 – and other initiatives intended to save our oceans and seas,” he says. 

As part of a global campaign to address emissions below the waterline, Carter aims to use the animated short to raise awareness of a proven technology that eliminates operational and accidental oil emissions from sealed propeller shaft line systems with ship owners and the maritime community in the U.S.A., Canada, the European Union and other seafaring nations around the world.  

While there is no doubt that the use of an open seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system can permanently eliminate operational and accidental oil emissions from a vessel’s propulsion system, Thordon’s polymer bearing technology also has a variety of other ship owner and marine environmental benefits.

“An open propeller shaft bearing system lubricated entirely by seawater is the only truly sustainable solution for ship owners that want to meet all future ship emission regulations, while significantly reducing their OPEX and maintaining the same technical equivalence to the antiquated sealed oil lubricated shaftline,” he attests.

Carter, who will also continue to lead Thordon’s marketing and customer service teams, adds: “We have determined that a ship with a seawater lubricated polymer stern tube bearing will result in reduced fuel consumption and emissions as less propulsive energy is used. We are close to concluding research and will publish a paper on our findings in the coming months.

The video will also be broadcast during this year’s Nor-Shipping, the biennial trade fair which takes place in Lillestrøm, Norway, between 4th and 7th of April. Thordon representatives will be available in Hall B at Booth #B05-29 to guide visitors through all the benefits of a seawater lubricated propeller shaft system.


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Governing bodies are increasing pressure on the maritime industry to invest in technology that reduces pollution

Comparison between a zero-pollution COMPAC open seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system, and an oil lubricated propulsion system

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