CMA CGM selects BIO SEA for 17 box ships


CMA CGM, one of the world’s largest container carriers with a fleet of 454 vessels, has contracted France-based BIO-UV Group to supply its BIO-SEA ballast water treatment systems to 17 containerships.

Nine LNG-fuelled 22,000TEU leviathans currently under construction at China’s CSTC Shipyard will each be fitted-out with two 3000m3/h capacity BIO-SEA B 10-1500 FX units, while eight 9000TEU capacity Opera-class vessels will be retrofitted with a BIO-SEA B 10-1000 FX unit capable of treating ballast water flow rates of 1000m3. This marks its first BWMS retrofit contract for an entire ship class.

Benoit Gillmann, President and CEO, BIO-UV Group, said: “Beyond the dynamics of this milestone agreement, the order from CMA CGM, the world’s third largest container shipping company, indicates the industry’s commitment to reducing the impact that the transfer of non-indigenous species has on the marine environment, and beyond. The order strengthens BIO-UV’s position in the maritime segment and BIO-SEA’s leading position in the ballast water market.”

The order, which is valued at more than €5 million, is the company’s first BIO-SEA order following the system’s USCG type-approval, awarded on the 21 June 2018. 

Xavier Deval, Business Director, BIO-SEA, said: “We are excited to be working with CMA CGM on these newbuild and retrofit projects, which represent the first orders since our USCG-approval. The order substantiates our view that BIO-SEA is one of the best ultraviolet treatment systems available. It is suitable for all waters of the world in which these CMA CGM vessels will operate and is one of the very few ballast water treatment systems that is currently compliant with both USCG and IMO requirements.”

The UV-type ballast water treatment system is available as a skid mounted, semi-modular or modular system capable of dealing with flow rates between 10 and 2000m3/h. To date, it is the only UV system on the market with no limit for freshwater retention, 24 hours in marine water, and 72h days for brackish water.

BIO-SEA is two stage treatment process, with ballast waters entering a 20µm filter to flush out any suspended solids and zooplankton. The filtered water then enters a titanium reactor to be put through the ultraviolet disinfection process. The system is also equipped with an automated operating, monitoring and alarm with power regulation.

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