The high-tech water treatment systems specialist BIO-UV Group has announced an exciting new partnership that will dramatically accelerate the delivery of its development strategy in the global aquaculture industry and launch a concerted drive west into the North American market.

BIO-UV Group, based in France and the European leader in water treatment and disinfection by UV, ozone, salt electrolysis & AOP technologies, has signed an agreement with Boston-based aquaculture technology company Innovasea. Within this agreement, Innovasea will take BIO-UV Group’s products to aquaculture market and adapt the group’s proven products to meet the standards for sale into the North American market.

Innovasea is a global leader in aquaculture technology and egg-to-harvest solutions for ocean- and land-based fish farming, providing unparalleled RAS design expertise and equipment. It has a worldwide network of sales offices in the United States, Canada, Norway, Chile, Greece and Australia.

BIO-UV Group has intensified its focus on aquaculture since its 2019 acquisition of triogen, which brought advanced ozone and AOP solutions into the product portfolio. The group has invested over €1 million [euro] in aquaculture research and development over the past two years, with a strong contribution from its highly skilled ozone engineering team in the UK.

“We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with Innovasea,” said Laurent-Emmanuel Migeon, CEO of BIO-UV Group. “We are confident that, working together, we will open new avenues of business, especially in North America. This partnership is full of opportunities for expansion for both parties, as we share our passion for sustainability and benefit from each other’s expertise, experience, and networks.”

Simon Marshall, Deputy General Manager of BIO-UV Group added: “Aquaculture is an expanding industry critical to protecting our oceans from overexploitation and essential to maintaining global food security for future generations. BIO-UV Group is determined to play its part in supporting and growing this industry, through our UV water disinfection and ozone water treatment solutions. Innovasea has an excellent reputation in the industry and with established channels to market they are a perfect partner to accelerate our growth.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with BIO-UV and be able to offer its advanced UV and water treatment technology to our customers,” said Marc Turano, Innovasea’s VP, and general manager of land-based aquaculture. “Innovasea is known throughout the industry for designing RAS systems optimized for our clients’ specific needs and then supplying them with the best equipment available, and this partnership will enable us to continue delivering top-quality UV solutions to our customers.”


About BIO-UV Group

For more than 35 years, BIO-UV Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing water treatment systems using ultraviolet radiation (UV-C), ozone, AOP and salt electrolysis for various applications including swimming pools, aquaculture, aquariums, industrial process water, wastewater, and drinking water. In 2011, it added ships’ ballast water treatment to its range. The company’s products are manufactured in its specialized production sites in Lunel and Muret, France, as well as in Glasgow, Great Britain, allowing it to respond quickly to the specific requirements of its customers worldwide. The company, listed on the stock exchange since July 2018, has a consolidated turnover of 51.5 million euros in 2022 and a current workforce of 160 employees. More than 55% of the group’s sales are exported.

About Innovasea

Fueled by leading-edge technology and a passion for research and development, Innovasea is revolutionizing aquaculture and advancing the science of fish tracking to make our oceans and freshwater ecosystems sustainable for future generations. With more than 275 employees worldwide, we provide full end-to-end solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research – including quality equipment that’s efficient and built to last, expert consulting services, and innovative platforms and products that deliver unrivaled data, information and insights.

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