ACO Marine and Gietech team up to support Russian fisheries


Germany-based marine equipment supplier Gietech GmbH and ACO Marine have signed a non-exclusive sales and service agreement aimed at increasing the wastewater treatment system manufacturer’s leverage in the developing Russian fisheries sector.

The agreement follows the recent appointment in December of Ontario-based Marine and Offshore (MAO) Canada and forms part of ACO Marine’s strategy to increase its presence in important maritime hubs globally.

ACO Marine Managing Director Mark Beavis said: “We have enjoyed significant organic growth since the 2015 introduction of our new Clarimar MF and Maripur NF range of advanced wastewater treatment systems. This has resulted in an increased requirement for support teams with local knowledge capable of servicing the needs of our customers at key locations around the world.

“For more than 15 years, Gietech has achieved considerable success supplying sophisticated technologies to the Russian maritime industry, in particular the fishing sector operating throughout the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. The Russian fishing industry is one of the biggest in the world and offers many opportunities for ACO Marine, which Gietech, with its extensive knowledge of the market in these areas, will help create.”

Dimitri Nor, Managing Director, Gietech GmbH, said: “The agreement we have signed with ACO Marine allows us to introduce its products and services to our Russian customers and create new opportunities in this developing market. Of course, we aim to penetrate other sectors and increase ACO Marine’s presence in this important maritime nation. The agreement will be mutually beneficial to all parties.”

While the total Russian catch has increased to about 4.5 million tonnes in recent times, the number of fishing vessels has reduced over the course of the past twenty years, with the majority of vessels built 20-35 years ago.

The Russian Federation Administration has acknowledged the need to renew its ageing fleet and implement reforms to optimise its fisheries infrastructure, but following a decision on the allocation of additional fishing quotas for companies ordering vessels, analysts believe demand could exceed Russian manufacturing capacity, resulting in increased imports of equipment and services.

“Fleet renewal offers opportunities for all parties, not least ACO Marine and Gietech, but also Russian shipowners, shipbuilders and repairers and we hope that this agreement will be mutually beneficial to all sides,” Nor added.

Although unable to go into further detail, he revealed that Gietech has already secured an order to supply ACO Marine equipment for installation to a Russian-owned cargo vessel.