media audits / target market development /communications planning and media optimisation / brand alignment / message and tagline development

Your business is unique and requires a unique tailored approach to your communications strategy

From the outset we develop a tailored structure to your communications strategy that supports and strengthens your business development objectives. As an extended member of your team, we maximise the impact you have to create greater commercial opportunities and to leverage the position of your thought leaders. We will carry out an audit of your media footprint, monitor coverage and evaluate your story generation processes.  We can then develop a media strategy that creates a buzz around your company, brand, people and solutions to open commercial doors!


Full audit of current media position, including:

  • Total online and social exposure
  • Potential reach / Geographical exposure
  • Top influencers / Top media outlets
  • Number of social shares

Monthly, quarterly, and annual media planning includes:

  • Media channel and medium 
  • Story angles
  • Forward features scheduling
  • Conference speaking and tradeshows
  • Thought leadership optimisation
  • Brand alignment, messaging and tagline development