Crisis Management

crisis planning / emergency response team / holding statements / media training / media monitoring /spokesperson duties

Knowing how the media operates, what it requires and how its practitioners go about their business can help safeguard against unwanted media intrusion. We guide you every step of the way.

The adage “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” has never been so true when it comes to dealing with a communications crisis. If you don’t have a comprehensive and clear Emergency Response plan, with the right team in place to deal with potential communications crises, then your brand, your reputation, and your business is at stake. We can help ensure you have the right people in place, with the most up to date information and documentation you need to avert any negative publicity. We can work with you to provide a comprehensive crisis communications plan and train your ER team to handle any situation.


  • Media audits
  • Media risk identification 
  • Media risk assessment
  • Incident strategies & response
  • Exposure limitation
  • Executive media training
  • Holding statement preparation
  • Spokesperson duties
  • 24/7 media response
  • Media monitoring and reporting


  • The role of the press, the journlaist and the editor
  • How PR works and why it fails?
  • Benefits of PR
  • Differences between PR, marketing and advertising
  • Social media content: marketing, advertising or news?
  • Understanding what journalists want and how they like it
  • Sourcing news stories, hooks and angles
  • Press release do’s and don’t
  • How to write a press release that’s used?
  • How to build and manage media lists?
  • Developing media relationships