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Seaborne Appoints New MD


Seaborne Communications, the new voice in maritime communications, has appointed Patrik Wheater as Managing Director.

As MD, Patrik will be developing strategies that increase awareness of companies operating in this vitally important industry to a global audience.

“Having operated in the maritime industry for over twenty years, I see a gap in the market for a dedicated maritime media consultant that combines hands-on seagoing experience with extensive communications expertise to deliver campaigns that are both effective in generating results and which also increase awareness of the global shipping industry.

The industry has been modest about its endeavours for too long; but modesty will bring only modest results. It’s time to make a song and dance about how important shipping is with impacting and insightful media content.”

He added: “The number of media professionals that have been to sea or have an engineering background is sadly dwindling, but our clients know that when they discuss their business development strategies with us we understand the challenges that impact seaborne trade and the systems that drive the industry forward.”

Along with an inherent passion for the shipping industry, Patrik brings a proactive approach to media relations and intends to use his experience and network of industry and media contacts to help further establish Seaborne’s clients as the leaders in their respective fields.

Patrik is a technical shipping journalist, editor and communications specialist with almost 20 years’ experience in the maritime industries.

He has a background in naval engineering and sea-going service with the Royal Navy, after which he read History before embarking on a career in maritime journalism and communications.

He has lived and worked in Southeast Asia and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

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