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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

To meet a market demand for lifejackets and immersion suits capable of withstanding the repetitive rigours of offshore training programmes, Survitec will introduce its 1300 Series training suit and Halo training lifejacket with Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) at OPITO Global this November.

The 1300 Series training suit is based on the proven Survitec 1000 Series immersion suit range. The Halo training lifejacket with optional EBS, meanwhile, is based on the new helicopter passenger transfer lifejacket introduced earlier this year.

Andy Wilson, Design & Development Manager, Survitec, said: “The 1300 Series immersion suit and Halo training lifejacket provide an authentic reproduction of the operational system in a form more suitable for the training environment.”

Rick Brown, Managing Director, Sequ Offshore Safety, said: “The training versions of Survitec’s operational systems give our students invaluable experience in their correct use. This means that when they are in real time survival situations, wearing and operating the equipment is second nature. For us, as a training provider, frequent use immersion suits and lifejackets that are robust and easy to maintain are a much more cost-effective proposition than investing in the full operational versions of these products, given their usage.”

Based on feedback from leading OPITO-approved training providers, like Sequ Offshore Safety, the training models have been adapted to include a number of practical features tailored to the training environment.

For instance, the 1300 Series training suit can be tailored using PU-Nylon or high end breathable Gore-Tex Pazifik, with either patented hypo-allergenic seals, Seamtite Latex, Neoprene or a Si-Tech modular system with Silflex Silicone. Additionally, training providers can choose between a diagonal waterproof zip manufactured from either YKK Aquaseal plastic or YKK Proseal metal, depending on preference.

“The Si-Tech modular system is a great addition and enables the training provider to easily replace seals onsite when necessary,” said Wilson.

The Halo training lifejacket is a stripped-down version of the more technically advanced Halo unveiled at SPE Offshore Europe in September. The removal of items with an expiry date, such as strobe lights, simplifies the maintenance aspect of this product for the training provider.

With its modular equipment pockets and EBS attachment points, it offers the training provider with a single lifejacket solution replacing the need to hold both Passenger and Pilot options in their fleet - as well as being the ideal upgrade for the Tropical BOSIET MK28 training models.

The cover material has also been changed from Nomex, chosen operationally for its high-quality heat and flame-resistant properties, to a hardwearing and quick dry 300D Polyester. To accommodate the frequent opening and closing of this cover, the zip has been modified to a QBZ YKK variant. This is further protected by a panel secured in place with a popper in addition to Velcro straps for longevity.

“The training version of Halo also incorporates a modified inflation bladder with a “fake” inflation mechanism,” added Wilson. “This simulates the operation of the actual Halo system but reduces rearming costs and simplifies the repacking process in the training environment.”

Notes to editors:

The Survitec team will be available at OPITO Global, which takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the 6th November. Survitec is a long-standing attendee and sponsored supporter of this event, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

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