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Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020 is a trade association comprising 40 shipowners operating marine exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Working through its secretariat Maritime AMC, Seaborne Communications has been pivotal in turning the tide of industry opinion on the operation, use and environmental efficiencies of marine exhaust gas cleaning systems, following increased lobbying against the use of the open-loop versions these systems.

Since working on CSA 2020’s behalf, Seaborne Communications has:

  • Helped lobby for change
  • Helped inform ports and terminals of the scientific evidence pertaining to the efficiency of EGCS and promoted their environmental safety record
  • Organised and managed meetings with key CSA 2020 shipowner members and editors of prominent news papers and news wires
  • Created and distributed a number of issue-based press releases that have been published in a significant number of national and international mainstream media and trade media outlets

We have:

  • Set up 1-2-1 media interviews and lunch meetings with key shipowners and Executive Committe
  • Secured speaking slots for CSA 2020 members and secretariat at key industry conferences
  • In collaboration with Maritime AMC, helped organise and manage CSA 2020 conferences in London and Singapore
  • Organised and managed a well attended media tour of a member’s scrubber-operating ships
  • Organised and managed a number of well-attended press conferences in UK and overseas
  • Set up and managed CSA 2020's social media position - LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Managed CSA 2020 website
  • Designed and produced corporate materials, including banner stands, brochures and letterheads




Thordon Bearings is the leading manufacturer of polymer-based water-lubricated and grease-free bearings for industrial applications.

Its COMPAC propeller shaft bearing does not use oil-based lubricants and prevents operational oil leaking from ships.

This form of pollution is currently not regulated. Seaborne Communications has been working on Thordon Bearings behalf for 5 years promoting the use of water lubricated and grease free bearings systems in a number of industries, including maritime, defence and land based power.

Over the course of the last five years, we have:

  • Helped increase sales interest in the use of water lubricated bearings in the maritime and hydro power industries
  • Through the media, lobbied for changes to environmental regulations to include oil pollution from ship-to-sea interfaces
  • Secured a number of  industry award nominations and wins

We have:

  • Conceptualised and published a number of White Papers and Case Studies on environmental pollution
  • Organised and managed press conferences
  • Set up 1-2-1 media interviews with Thordon executives
  • Secured speaking opportunities at leading industry conferences and events
  • Created and distributed a significant number of press releases and placed a number of in depth feature articles in the trade press
  • Prepared media and editorial strategies
  • Supported in-house teams with other copy writing requirements
  • Supplied data and information relating to markets and established media databases in new markets relevant to Thordon business