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FUELSAVE was founded in 2012 to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce engine emissions in an innovative and environmentally sustainable way. The German company's FS MARINE+ system provides a novel solution for reducing the fuel consumption of marine diesel engines and auxiliary systems and, subsequently, exhaust gas emissions. This is achieved by introducing a proprietary gas mixture into the engine to increase combustion efficiency.

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FUELSAVE GmbH was founded in 2012, in order to enhance the fuel efficiencies & reduce emissions for trucks & utility vehicles in an innovative & sustainable way. The focus in R&D quickly widened up for various use cases in other markets where the technology can be adapted and deployed to bring measurable benefits to the users that make economically sense, while reducing the impact in the environment.

With the help of leading efficiency engineers combining decades of experience in various sectors from design, development, manufacturing, testing, implementing of efficiency technologies, we evolved into different areas of GREEN TECHNOLOGY and feature an exciting portfolio of innovative , practicable solutions.

FUELSAVE introduces fuel efficiency game changer to marine market

FUELSAVE introduces fuel efficiency game changer to marine market

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

FUELSAVE INTRODUCES FUEL CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS ABATMENT GAME-CHANGER FUELSAVE GmbH, a German energy efficiency start up for fuel and emissions reduction, has launched a ground-breaking technology capable of optimising the fuel consumption efficiency of... Read More